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Poetry by Lora Duguay, Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved

June 9th, 2011

These are some of the poems I've written.

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Distant Memory, by Lora Duguay

Something has been pulling on me
a glimpse from a distant memory
or could it be that pain in my heart
knowing that we had to part

We loved, laughed and sometimes cried
along the way we even lied
yes.. the distant memories of days gone by
will live in my heart forever by and by

no more you, no more me, just a distant memory
fading in and fading out
like the roll of waves along the shore
a distant memory and nothing more

Author and Copyright 2011, Lora Duguay


Your Voice

Listening to your voice, masculine and so strong,
I hear the pain of times long, past and gone

You are not alone my friend, for I'd never let that be,
because you know how very much, you'll always mean to me

There were times of passion and times of play,
Times when we lay there, with nothing left to say

The comfort of your presence has always given me,
a place of solace to rest my head and once again feel free.

Author: Lora Duguay © All Rights Reserved


The Glistening Rain
by Lora Duguay © 2010 All Rights Reserved

The streets were glistening with new fallen rain
as the car drove slowly, carefully, back once again
it had been months, filled with agony, sadness and pain
an emptiness inside, a hole filled with rain

Life cut so short, now just memories, though dim,
Days filled with gloom, crying, trembling and grim.
A heart forever broken, face gaunt and thin,
The will to live, barely hanging on from within

As raindrops fell on each window pane
Remaining lonely, confused and sad once again.
The flicker of light no one would understand,
Angels at by my side to forever hold my hand

The love of family and friends so it seems
will help life move forward and kwell the screams
Though some days almost impossible to go on
glistening rain on the streets, a heart filled with pain.

Author: Lora Duguay, © All Rights Reserved


Know Me, by Lora Duguay

rain drops fall like tears from the sky;
usher pain and sorrow of days gone by;
deep in the depths a colorful soul lies;
brought forth by paint brushes just for your eyes;

think not only of the visions you see;
much further deep in those colors there be;
things that only you’ll speculate you see;
truth being that no one truly knows me;

Author Lora Duguay © All Rights Reserved


Asleep in the Delta by Lora Duguay

The air was thick and hot
skin wet with perspiration
glistening under the moonlit night
crickets playing their fiddles in the distance

while restless thieves rustling in the midst
partaking in the ebony flow of liquid life
until darkness overcame the shadowy fire
that flickered no more

wave after wave of visions
fleeting subtly beneath eyelids stained with ocre
tingling sensations of hot lust
awakening from sleep in the delta

Author: Lora Duguay © 2011 All Rights Reserved