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Lora Duguay

Lora Duguay

Clearwater, Fl


Lora Duguay has been creative since childhood, but when her life was affected by Post Polio Syndrome, her hobby became her full time career. Her artistic creativity has been focused on the cultural beauty of indigenous tribes, nature, and iconography. Mediums include oil, colored pencil, scratchboard and photography. Her art has been exhibited in various museums and galleries throughout the United States. Lora's main focus during the past several years has been the Art of Miniature. She is a member of The Association of Miniature Artists. Lora is also a member of VSA Florida, having participated on their Board of Directors, as well as Artist in Residency Program sharing her artistic knowledge with students who have special needs. It is Lora's desire to not only bring pleasure to the viewers eye, but to evoke emotion, memories and pleasant thoughts.

"The pure pleasure is my relationship with the canvas. The ability to portray and emit my own joy, pain, happiness and sorrow through my art frees me to live a life of peace, serenity and spiritual connectivity, unlike anything I have ever experienced. Art thrills me, heals me and is a gift from the Divine, like none other."

- 80th Annual International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature
- The Art and Wine Gallery
- MOSI, Tampa, Florida
- Lewis House
- Carrollwood Cultural Center
- Scarfone-Hartley Gallery
- Native American Inter-Tribal Group Art Exhibition
- Gallery/Studio of Duane Probus
- Edfish Gallery
- Broward Center for the Performing Arts
- VSA Arts
- Florida Craftsman
- University of South Florida
- Tampa Museum of Art
- Oldsmar City Hall
- Ruth Eckerd Hall.
- HCC Community College Art Gallery
- The Women's Center
- Riverwalk
- The Cummer Museum

- Published in Atelier Interactive Acrylic (Chroma, Inc), Catalog for Retailers.
- The Spring/Summer Edition of USF Magazine.

- EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) Rosary
- 10Connects Hero segment, 10Connects News, July 24, 2009.
- PBS Spectrum documentary.
- PSA VSA Bright House Commercials.
- 'Polk Place' Government Television
- Fox Channel News 13, 'What's Right With Tampa Bay'

Member of the Association of Miniature Artists http://www.miniatureartist.com

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The Art of Lora Duguay's Facebook Page
The Art of Lora Duguay's Facebook Page
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Daybreak by Lora Duguay


Silence in the Moonlight by Lora Duguay


Water Lily Patio by Lora Duguay


Iris Eyes by Lora Duguay


Rosey and Friends by Lora Duguay


Joe's Jay by Lora Duguay


Gandolph's Scarf by Lora Duguay


Hitchhiker by Lora Duguay


Grandbaby John by Lora Duguay


Uncle Ioan and Rocky in Romania by Lora Duguay


Golden Eagle by Lora Duguay


Snowman's Christmas by Lora Duguay


Guardian Angel by Lora Duguay


Tears from the Crown of Thorns by Lora Duguay


Broken Angel by Lora Duguay


Night Prowler by Lora Duguay


Tiger Butterfly by Lora Duguay


My Hubby Ron by Lora Duguay


The Gypsy Caravan by Lora Duguay


Ita Green by Lora Duguay


Our Lady of Guadalupe by Lora Duguay


John Green by Lora Duguay


The Sentinel by Lora Duguay


Gypsy Christmas by Lora Duguay


Night Owl by Lora Duguay


The Bear from Down Under by Lora Duguay


Snow Covered Bridge by Lora Duguay


Senor y Senora Sanchez by Lora Duguay


Enchanting Carmelita by Lora Duguay


Chapel of the Holy Cross by Lora Duguay


Ethereal River by Lora Duguay


Carolina Wild Petunia Ruellia caroliniensis by Lora Duguay


Blaise Rustic Cottage by Lora Duguay


On a Wintry Walk with Gran by Lora Duguay


Dugan's Hawk by Lora Duguay


Ron's 10 Inch Chop by Lora Duguay


Autumn River Camp by Lora Duguay


Sunset Over St. Joseph's Peninsula by Lora Duguay


First Light by Lora Duguay


Sea Turtle in Paradise by Lora Duguay


Jazi's Morning Coffee by Lora Duguay


Strolling Down Memory Lane by Lora Duguay


Saint Therese of the Little Flower by Lora Duguay


Mount Edgecumbe Alaska by Lora Duguay


Zorros Wolves Amid the Aspens by Lora Duguay


St. Nicholas Church Roebling New Jersey by Lora Duguay


Sweet Ita by Lora Duguay


Mystery Man by Lora Duguay